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Disaster Recovery

Don't let phone system outages cost you money! Start saving with custom business continuity solutions.  Let our experts show you how with a free assessment. Claim yours today.

Protect your business from costly damage with disaster recovery solutions. Legacy phone systems are prey to their inability to relocate and an extremely ineffective business continuity solution. They are tied to the physical lines connecting them to the phone company and if the location where they are installed is in a state that does not allow for workers to enter, whether it is due to flooding, pest infestation, mold, or structural damage the phone system is simply not a "grab-and-go" kind of thing. Well, not anymore thanks to iCore business continuity solutions.

iCore Networks provides a Hosted Unified Communications and Applications solution that resides in our carrier class data center with multiple redundant connections to our Partner networks which ensure that our customers' calls go through. iCore business continuity solutions enable you to "grab-and-go" as it were. The IP phones we deploy have the capability to work from any IP connection with broadband speeds; i.e. DSL, FiOS or Cable.

iCore leading, disaster recovery solutions give you the ability to have the power and resiliency of a carrier class redundant telephony system out of reach of most businesses today simply because of the technical expertise required to engineer such a network and the capital outlay for the High Availability switching infrastructure.

Today more than ever businesses need to be responsive and flexible to obtain new customers as well as retain the ones they have. With that in mind, consider what a few days of complete downtime would do to your customer base and the work you’ve put into gaining the good will of those customers. With that in mind, your options become much clearer...