iCore Call Center

iCore Call Center is an important component of iCore’ Unified Communications, designed specifically to meet the performance and reliability standards of users.

The fully integrated call center application enables the rapid delivery of full-featured hosted call centers, meeting the needs of the most sophisticated enterprise customers and providing new revenue generating services for the service provider. iCore call center functions include intelligent routing and distribution; web- based agent and supervisor clients; and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Call Center Reporting
The iCore Call Center solution provides a comprehensive set of in-depth, real-time and historical data on agent and queue activity, utilization and performance. Accessible on-demand via the web-based client or as scheduled reports delivered via email — it provides a broad set of reports to help maximize the performance and efficiency of call centers. iCore also provides the option for creating custom reports to support the unique business process and monitoring requirements of many call centers. Supervisors and managers can quickly access the data necessary to analyze and ultimately modify call center operations as necessary to reach optimal efficiency.

Call Center Web-based Clients
The optional web-based clients provide a feature-rich, easy-to- use interface that allows calls to be handled more efficiently, particularly in high volume call center environments. Agents can quickly identify and answer incoming calls, manage active calls, manage their personal availability and view their performance history. Supervisors can use the client to monitor agent and queue activity in real-time, manage active and queued calls and run real- time and historical reports on agent and queue performance.

Key Features

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Quickly route callers to the appropriate agent with the correct skills and in the right priority, using a flexible set of routing policies

Queuing – Ensure that incoming callers never receive a busy signal or no answer, and are greeted with appropriate announcements and hold media (audio or video)

Virtual Queues – Queues can include agents and supervisors that span multiple locations, allowing employees to work from anywhere

Web-based Agent & Supervisor Desk Clients – Provide a next-generation look and feel for call center management and options for when, where and how users manage their customers, agents and queues

Powerful Reporting Engine – Supervisors and Man- agers can monitor real-time queue and agent activity, as well as generate in-depth historical data and trends on queues and agents, allowing them to improve performance and ensure that calls are handled efficiently

IVR/Auto Attendant – Guide callers through with self service applications, using voice or video prompts to identify the appropriate queue or agent