Unified Communications

Convergence. Consistency. Cloud-Based.

With Unified Communications from iCore Networks, Your Mobile Workforce Can Achieve New Heights of Productivity & Efficiency.

iCore Networks' Unified Communications (UC) seamlessly virtualize the office in cloud-based services that offer world-class capabilities at a fraction of the cost, enabling mobile convergence across all platforms and programs to provide truly unified communications for end users. 

Our CloudFUZNTM solution provides enhanced features, reliability and scalability.

Operating out of world-class redundant and geographically diverse datacenters, iCore Networks is the premier provider of Unified Communications in the market.  Our UC solutions suite includes:

iCore Communicator

The iCore Communicator provides end-users with a Unified Communications (UC) experience across mainstream mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Replacing or complementing your hard phone, iCore Communicator allows you to make Voice and Video calls over IP, see when your contacts are available, send Instant Messages and transfer files with ease and efficiency.  Learn More

iCore Toolbar

The iCore Toolbar enables users to make and accept telephone calls, and change telephone settings, from within Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer and Firefox. Learn More


iCore's Fax2Mail solution Fax2Mail eliminates the need for fax servers, fax machines,and related infrastructure, reducing fax costs while improving productivity. As a fully hosted service, iCore offloads your IT team from the entire fax function while helping to align fax services with the business goals and strategic direction of your enterprise. Learn More

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

iCore’s VPN Solution enables remote workers to securely and reliably access business critical data when they are away from the office. Users can connect to the network via the Internet, eliminating expensive long‐distance or toll‐free dial‐in costs. Learn More

Microsoft Lync

iCore Network's Microsoft Lync provides a platform that connects people with a rich collaborative experience. In a single user-friendly client, Lync provides an unyielding presence, instant messaging, voice, video, data and a truly rewarding meeting occurrence.  Learn More

How Unified Communications Can Benefit Your Company

The advantages Unified Communications from iCore Networks are huge:
• Improve staff mobility
• Facilitate disaster recovery
• Enhance quality and reliability of communications systems
• Increase productivity through advanced features
• Simplify accounting (1 network, 1 bill)
• Enhance survivability (remote call forwarding)
• Reduce monthly and annual communications costs
• Client-centric approach and world class experience
• Highly scalable to your business’ growth needs
• Designed resiliency for local and long distance calling
• Network monitoring 24 x 7

Find out why iCore is the largest and fastest growing company providing Unified Communications. Most importantly, find out how iCore can save your organization 40% while giving you more communications capabilities.