iCore Weekly Trainings

Our trainers are available for on-site and online sessions on demand Tuesdays - Thursdays weekly.  If you are interested in receiving training on any of our Hosted VoIP, Unified Communciations or Cloud Solutions please email

Available Trainings

Web portal: This training will guide the user through access of the M6 or Broadworks web portal, allowing them access to password changes, remote phone configurations, call management and other provided features. 

Call Center:This training will cover all facets of the Broadworks Call Center including,managing agents, ACD status changes, sign-in and sign-out, escalating calls to supervisory staff and monitoring queue activity. 

Phones:This training will provide step-by-step feature instruction for all Cisco or Polycom phones. Topics of discussion include: phone appearance, handling calls, accessing voicemail and remote phone configuration. 

Toolbar:This training will provide the end-user with the necessary tools for utilizing the Toolbar application through their web browser. The following topics will be discussed: logging in, placing calls, accessing webportal settings, accessing the contact directory, call handling, etc. 

Admin Portal:This training will provide administrative users with a high level overview of their network’s configuration via the M6 or Broadworks platforms. Users will be provided with guidance for re-purposing phones, editing user information, password resets, setting schedules and basic phone troubleshooting.

Call Reporting:This training will provide end-users with access to the Broadworks Call Center or Akixi Call Reporting tools. The user will be able to access call center data, select appropriate reporting templates, schedule reports, define reporting parameters and export data.

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