CloudDefend: Robust Security Response Solution

One of the most expensive and time consuming challenges for organizations has been securing their increasingly "online" employee base. There was no one-stop solution. Discrete products such as desktop Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, web security appliances, URL filtering software, and data loss prevention appliances are expensive to deploy and manage.

Our solution changes this. SMBs can now simply point all their internet traffic to the iCore CloudDefend. The cloud protects against viruses, spyware, botnets, and thousands of other advanced internet based threats. The cloud also provides a full suite of URL filtering capabilities. Unwanted URL categories can be blocked, while productivity draining categories can be controlled. Overall internet usage can be easily monitored with a simple cloud based reporting portal. Security made simple.

Benefits Summary

Cost Savings No appliances, no software, no desktop clients No upfront costs, pay as you go No buying excess capacity – cloud scales as you need capacity

Simplicity Eliminates complex point solutions Global policy manager – single policy follows user across the world Pointing traffic to the cloud is quick and simple

Security & Strength Eight fully integrated security modules Largest web security cloud in the world – customers in 140 countries Hardened cloud data centers globally to ensure privacy

Administration and Real-Time Reporting Manage all users from a simple cloud based administration portal Simple yet comprehensive reporting at a company and individual level Ability to receive automated activity reports and abnormal activity alerts