100% Availability & Accessibility to All Network Resources

Virtual Firewall: Virtual Firewall is a managed data security service offered by iCore. There is no additional hardware or software to purchase. All hardware is managed and maintained by iCore at our premium secure data center. The service offers all the benefits of having a hardware appliance built for redundancy to ensure high availability. Learn more

CloudDefend: Protects your organization against viruses, spyware, botnets, and thousands of other advanced internet based threats with iCore’s CloudDefend solution . Learn more

Virtual Private Networks (VPN): iCore’s VPN Solution enables remote workers to securely and reliably access business critical data when they are away from the office. Users can connect to the network via the Internet, eliminating expensive long‐distance or toll‐free dial‐in costs. Learn more

Network Monitoring System (NMS): iCore NMS enables you to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages. It offers out-of-the-box network-centric views that are designed to deliver the critical information network engineers need. Learn more