Microsoft Exchange

The average business user spends 2.6 hours per day reading and responding to email.

iCore's Hosted Exchange service delivers a fully-managed service of the industry's leading and most widely used e-mail platform. By choosing iCore, your organization will see immediate cost savings and will virtually remove the aggravation of obtaining and maintaining license agreements, eliminate upfront capital costs of building your own exchange platform and achieve a well-tuned operational efficiency that provides reliable e-mail connectivity for your organization. The iCore Hosted Exchange service is deployed over our fully redundant hosting infrastructure — with no single points of failure — across our network, servers and data connectivity.


  • Microsoft Exchange provides businesses with email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, phone & web, so employees can stay connected and in sync
  • Multi-layered, anti-spam filtering with continuous updates helps guard against spam and phishing threats
  • A variety of storage options allows you to give users bigger and more reliable mailboxes
  • Support for the web browsers and devices you use most, means you can work from virtually anywhere
  • Available as a server you manage yourself or hosted by iCore while you maintain control of settings