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Microsoft Collaboration

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iCore Networks extends its cloud technology services to include Microsoft cloud collaboration tools and software. This unified communications solution includes cloud applications (Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync); public, private and hybrid clouds; virtual infrastructure (virtual desktops (VDI), application delivery, file sharing; voice as an application; HD video; unified messaging (faxing/voicemail/email), mobile applications and convergence tools; infrastructure management and web security.

Microsoft Lync: iCore Networks'  Microsoft Lync is part of the overall Unified Communications products and services, providing a platform that connects people with a rich collaborative experience. In a single client, Lync provides an unyielding presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a generally great meeting occurrence.
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Microsoft Sharepoint: Web application for collaboration, file sharing and web publishing, making it easier for people to work together. Your organization can set up websites to share information with others, manage documents to its final product, and publish reports. All this and more are used to aid in better decision making. Learn More

Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Delivers a fully-managed service of the industry's leading and most widely used e-mail platform. By choosing iCore, your organization will see immediate cost savings and will virtually remove the aggravation of obtaining and maintaining license agreements, eliminate upfront capital costs of building your own exchange platform and achieve a well-tuned operational efficiency that provides reliable e-mail connectivity for your organization. The iCore Hosted Exchange service is deployed over our fully redundant hosting infrastructure — with no single points of failure — across our network, servers and data connectivity. Learn More

All of our Microsoft cloud collaboration tools and software can be customized to fit your specific business needs.  Claim your free cloud assessment today to see how you can boost ROI with cloud technologies.Get started.