Infrastructure as a Service

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud with Unparalleled Quality, Reliability and Security.

Companies are migrating to a virtual desktop infrastructure for two ultimate reasons; security and cost savings. 

It has always been a challenge for IT departments to manage and secure desktops. Different operating systems, application software versions and configuration settings make securing the desktop a constant challenge. 

The Smart Solution
iCore’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) brings a smart solution to this dilemma. iCore’s CloudFUZNTM platform seamlessly virtualizes “office in the cloud” solutions that provide world-class end user capabilities at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house systems.  iCore’s fully secure and scalable network utilizes best in breed providers such as Cisco, Juniper, Oracle, IBM, Polycom and other highly specialized components.

With IaaS, virtual desktops are created and maintained by iCore, using one master image, and offered to our customers on-demand.  That means that all the users are running on the same operating system, using the same version of software applications, and all have the same configuration settings. 

Higher Security, Lower Cost
Virtual desktops facilitate faster patching of security risks and simplified desktop management. Ultimately the enterprise has more secure desktops and an overall higher level of security across the entire network.

By having to manage just a few desktop master images, it takes significantly less time and effort than hundreds or thousands of user desktops all with different configurations and software profiles. Less time and effort equals cost savings. The value of IaaS and its cost savings are also found in a reduction of hardware costs. Thin and zero clients cost 25 – 50% of traditional desktops and laptops. Yet they give users the same or better desktop experience and performance.

“All in One” Scalability
The combination of “all-in-one” world-class virtualization and ongoing maintenance services creates a compelling suite of IaaS outsourced services for customers to choose from in an applications-on-demand environment that provides state-of-the-art voice, data, video and workforce collaboration tools – when and where customers want them on a global scale.

What's in Your Cloud?

Benefits of iCore's Infrastructure as a Service:

• Secure remote access from devices with Internet access: iPhones, iPads, Androids, laptops
• Remote server access from anywhere in the world
• Centralized management with 24/7/365 support
• Mobile application integration
• No capital expense on regularly replacing computers and their components 
• Faster processing speed
• 100% uptime with no loss of data; single points of failure eliminated
• Computer data backed up and replicated across geographically dispersed data centers
• Disaster recovery for all data applications
• Innate virus, malware and intrusion detection