Custom Applications

What if you could take your everyday applications like Microsoft Office, your custom CRM or your accounting software and make it available anytime.. anywhere?

With more workers using mobile devices, the “office” goes virtually anywhere. Employees need access to applications and connectivity, enabling them to work where and when they’re most productive. And providing secure access to tools that improve communication and collaboration among employees, customers, and suppliers is vital.

•Access to essential daily collaboration tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint without having to be connected to you company network.
•iCore can easily offer custom application development integration, even with your CRM
•Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages.

•Increase productivity by enabling employees to have immediate and secure access to their applications regardless of location.
•With iCore’s custom application development integration, we can tailor your views so you have easy access to what’s important to you.
•Experience immediate cost savings by virtually removing the aggravation of obtaining and maintaining license agreements and eliminating upfront capital costs.

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