White paper - A Business Case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Deployments

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A Business Case for
VDI Deployments

Non-profits and Associations can put their trust in iCore Networks.

Associations/non-profits normally rely on outside private funding to run their day to day operations. With so many projects occurring at once, everyone is always on the go. No matter the type of association, the key success component for these organizations is strong communication.  With that in mind, iCore Networks can provide a customized IT Program for your organization.

The Solution - iCore Networks' Non-Profits/Assocations Program

  • Hosted  Cloud Applications / Virtualization
    • From Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Microsoft 365 or server virtualization, iCore has the capability to host your cloud applications
  • Reduce Cost
    • No charge for local service message units
    • Free domestic long distance charges
    • No Internet service to pay
    • No PBX maintenance or support for phone administration in the office
    • Highly competitive international rates
  • Enhanced Collaboration
    • Microsoft Lync: Lync is part of the overall Unified Communications products and services, providing a platform that connects people with a rich collaborative experience. In a single client, Lync provides an unyielding presence, instant messaging, voice and video
    • Meet-Me Conferencing/Web conferencing
  • Disaster Recovery and Redundancy
    • iCore solution that resides in our carrier class data center with multiple redundant connections to our Partner networks, which ensures that our customers calls go through. The upgraded hardware, advanced software and true geographic data center redundancy enables iCore to prepare its customers for the worst by making a detailed disaster recovery plan available to every customer.
  • Remote Capabilities
    • VPN remote access (Virtual Private Network): iCore's VPN Solution enables remote workers to securely and reliably access business critical data when they are away from the office. Users can connect to the network via the Internet, eliminating expensive long-distance or toll-free dial-in costs. It provides exceptional security through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data in transit from unauthorized access and attacks.
    • iCore Communicator: iCore Communicator provides end-users with a Unified Communications (UC) experience across mainstream mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Replacing or complementing your hard phone, iCore Communicator allows you to make Voice and Video calls over IP, see when your contacts are available, send Instant Messages and transfer files with ease and efficiency.
  • Hosted Unified Communications: The first and foremost way to keep the lines of communication clear as well as private is through iCore’s private point to point circuits to carry its voice and data. This also includes higher call quality, increased productivity through enhanced features and network monitoring 24x7.