Leading Provider of Hosted Unified Communications & Cloud Applications Solutions….Voice, Video, Data & Beyond

iCore's customers have connections on our network to their offices in all 50 states and Canada. We also have international presence in several countries including UK, France, Afghanistan, Belgium, Ecuador, and many more!

iCore Networks is the largest hosted unified applications and communications company with the forward-thinking ability to virtualize Network as a Service, IT as a Service and Applications as a Service, has all the answers that deliver lower cost, more availability, greater scalability and higher value. With the recent acquisition of a cloud provider, iCore has extended its cloud based services to include Applications on Demand through Unified Communications as a Service to its growing installed customer base. iCore's robust solutions set include:


  • Improve Staff Mobility
  • Facilitate Disaster Recovery
  • Enhancing quality and reliability of communications systems
  • Increase Productivity through Advanced Features
  • Simplify Accounting (1 network, 1 bill)
  • Client-centric approach and world class experience
  • Highly scalable to your business' growth needs
  • Designed resiliency for local & long distance calling
  • Network Monitoring 24 x 7
  • Reduce monthly and annual costs
iCore backs those capabilities with the most customer-oriented employees in the industry; scalability; unprecedented reliability; cloud-based disaster recovery, business continuity and backup; as well as best in class support and training. With a compounded annual growth rate of more than 30%, iCore continues to out-pace its competitors and maintains its leadership as one of the most innovative companies in the telecommunications industry.