About iCore

Chuck Canton

Vice President of Operations

Chuck Canton graduated from The Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Investment Finance and Real Estate. Chuck joined iCore in February 2009 as an Account Manager. In Chuck’s time at iCore he has been promoted five times working in multiple departments that include: Account Management, Sales, and Customer Support. In 2010 Chuck successfully led the opening of iCore’s first field office in Baltimore, MD as the District Manager. He was able to turn the field office profitable in nine months. In 2012, he helped launch their new cloud services division which has grown over 1300% since its inception. Chuck is now the Vice President of Operations and currently oversees Account Management, Customer Support, and Sales Engineering.

His main responsibility is to ensure iCore has the highest level of customer satisfaction through front end solution design that is supportable, great account management, and superlative customer service. Over his tenure at iCore, Chuck’s Sales and Account Management efforts have driven customer churn down to below .35% and achieved over $90 million in contracted revenue.

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